PaTTerns & Pie~ces

A broken spirit is referred to as a humble spirit. What if we looked at a broken heart like a humble heart?

That would mean that all our breaking was simply our becoming.

Heartbreaks would be seen as a gateway to great humbleness. One that would cause us to appreciate love, embody meekness and modesty and be free from excessive pride and emptiness. It would also exemplify our patience in the face of long suffering.

Can we truly admit that such truths don’t apply to a broken heart?

But if we rebranded it, we could out the shame that forces us to cover up by all means neccessary: be it anger, pettiness or pretence.

Instead of hiding your broken mess you would simply show your humble becoming.




How can you not see some blessings don’t come ’round twice

if you have it on your laps milk it for all its worth

Enjoy the last trickle on your lips

it will be the only milk that tastes like honey.



My Mind🌬

My inability to repress thoughts and process issues effectively has made me have a long history of anxiety and depression.
There’s no logical reason why it cripples, but thankfully, you get better at managing the freckles– it may be something unwanted but its presence enhances your beauty.

It’s easy to look at it in a bad way because of how it’s affected you or someone close to you, but for me it’s destructive beauty.

The infinite number of things it has allowed me to deal with have been crucial in ensuring I get a quality life. The existential questions, self reflection, past hurt and mistakes, relationships, friendships; have caused me to redefine concepts that are integral for my upkeep. And as such, an endless love for life and self have been yielded.

All I know is that every time I have an episode I come out craving life and all that makes me feel alive.

Not to lessen its weight and burdenous nature, it definitely isn’t dancing in the rain and threatens your sanity every waking moment, but sometimes it takes dancing in the rain to feel something other than complete sadness.


There’s just something about thinking. Something wonderful about enlightment. Something spiritual about the interconnectedness of brain cells to make sense of the world or create a new world.
I am love-struck I tell you!

All I’m saying is you don’t have to be the most intelligent person but if you have the ability to think on your own you’re my fascination. *wink wink*

That being said, my mind is my most invaluable piece and the catalyst to my whole being. So when it works against me the loss is experienced in a special way.

It weakens every bit of me and shrinks me to be less than I am. My powers become deceased, my existence questionable, it’s my Kryptonite. The very thing that can challenge my being and make even the strongest feeble.

One discerning thing I’ve found is, my mind may be my weakness at times but like kryptonite it’s also a source of great power.
It causes me to transcend beyond what we call life, seek greater meaning and fulfilment in relationships, experiences, connectivity with earth and all that surrounds us. To find happiness in simplicity; cause it’s the simple things in life that make life really worth living.

If you’re struggling… you’re not doing it alone. I can’t speak for the rest but for me, every life lost to it is a loss I experience personally. I know what it means to be dangling on the edge of life and death.

Some unsolicited advice: Don’t run in fear, embrace what you’re experiencing and watch it work for you!
You have no idea what your mind could do for you if you let it. So just let it 😉

Keep breathing, it only goes up from here my love.

From someone who actually gives a damn❤.


I’ve seen the extremes of me…

Complete vulnerability and absolute strength,

I’ve been clothed in righteousness and smeared in sin,

I’ve been infinitely intimate and cold to the bone,

I’ve taken myself to the edge to die and hanged on with both arms to stay alive,

I’ve haboured hate and given away love,

I’m simply put and strangely broken apart,

But in all these I’m always just me.

(That beautiful artpiece is by @oneuglybastard 💕)


I can’t rhyme anymore…
He took the rhythm with him too,
I guess this will have to do;-

All I dream abt is his face and how he smiles with his eyes,
I’m revived by his gaze and my value reaffirmed
I love him, does that even make front page?
Or does it need to be gauged?



He was stripppped from me!!!

“Could someone please help”
I cry as they pull my heart from its cage and render me motionless.
A thousand thrashes to my heart
and not a number less,
Eventually, they threw my heart out and labeled it useless.

A dominant thought festered as I laid on the Butchers’ table,
Maybe, I could be with him without a heart.

I no longer longed for him, that was too human,
And only monsters can survive such atrocities,
I starved…


Air tastes different when he’s not around…
Less dense, limiting the amount of oxygen particles.
One gasp makes my lungs heave with exhaustion.

Less oxygenated blood is carried to my brain, explaining the moments of shock that leave me paralysed unable to recall my thought process..,
The recovery: I lay in bed questioning whether taking the next breath is worth the consequence it brings.

And yet he breathes freely…his lungs soaking up the fresh humid air of spring and his brain is supplied with an abundance of oxygen making him the most vibrant and the happiest person in his time-space.

Clearly the joke was on me, we didn’t leave each other breathless
He breathed for two.